Hand Soap

There’s a wide selection in the market when it comes to buying hand soap. They come in different brands, colors and scents with flavors from flower and fruit extracts all designed to fulfill your sanitary needs. Just as the brands come in variety so are the various types of hand soaps, the commonly used are

  • Liquid soap
  • Foaming soap
  • Bar soaps

Liquid Hand Soaps

This hand soap provides a huge relief from the need to hold your soap as you wash thus it’s more hygienic. Liquid hand soap comes in a soap dispenser to administer it. Liquid options provide the freedom to use dispensers that match with the d├ęcor of your bathroom or kitchen. Alternatively, you can also experiment with different colors in the liquid which blend in perfectly with your interior.

Different manufacturers use a variety of ingredients in their liquid soaps, the essentially required ingredients in these soap include oils, glycerin, jasmine or olive fragrance for the sweet smell, germ fighting agents like Triclosin, vitamins which nourish the skin and so on.
The beauty of Liquid soaps is that only little amounts are dispensed for a thorough wash. It encourages proper use of the soap and guarantees a longer use before replacement. Hand soap dispensers for liquid soap are also easy to store as you can fix them on walls or purchase a special holder for them.

Foaming Hand Soaps
Foaming hand soap is another great option to the bar soap. Also in liquid form, it’s combined with air which dispenses the hand soap as a foam just like shaving cream. Foaming soap is perfect for kids; especially if they don’t like the bar soap idea that much. Compared to liquid soaps, this one lathers easily and is quite economical. The bright colors and sweet scent foam soaps come in are perfect in attracting kids to wash their hands each time they visit the Loo or before eating. Foam soaps guarantee no spills on the sinks and the ingredients used are also mild and safe to the hand.

Foam soaps found in hospitals and public institutions contain antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients for the purpose of sanitizing hands. The same ingredients are used in foam hand soap bought for domestic use. Essential oils and plant extract majorly contribute to the soft feeling of the hands after a thorough wash while the fragrance contributes to a sweet smell.

Foam soaps are applied in thin layers and the dispenser is designed in a way that encourages proper and economical use. Foam soap dispensers can be fixed on the bathroom or kitchen wall or come with their own holder for safe storage.

Bar Soaps
While this is held as an outdated idea, olive soap brings back the relevance of bar soap. Containing pure organic olive oil, many customers go for it for the clean and effect results it produces on skin, Olive soap is a sure guarantee that no dry skin is left behind and you can keep it safe on a bar soap case to last you longer.

Hence, bar soap are virtually the most common and cheap hand soap option today. From antibacterial hand soaps for natural and homemade hand soaps, there’s a wider selection here. You can go with popular brands like Ivory soap. You can also easily find hand soap coupons in magazines and at websites for savings.