How To Choose the Right Soap

Choosing the right soap for you is more than just picking up the first bar of Ivory soap in the beauty lane. While it does not take a skin care Einstein to figure out how to choose the right soap, it does take some time to get it right.

 The first step to finding the right product for your skin is knowing your skin type. This task is simply like buying medicine – you have to know what you need the soap for.

Basically, there are four most common types of skin that can easily be addressed by over the counter soaps:

  • Normal Skin

People with normal skin types are perhaps the luckiest ones on this list. They can pretty much use any ordinary soap – one that has the right amount of cleansing agent, a little moisturizer, and a little scent. But people who have this skin type must be wary of the smallest changes and reactions of their skin to the products they use. Any slight change must cause them to change products immediately.

  • Oily Skin

People with oilier skin need to use products that have exfoliating ingredients. But make sure they are gentle; oily skin tends to be more sensitive and can get easily irritated. Too much harsh ingredients, too, can cause the skin to be too dry when irritated.

  • Dry Skin

Soap with ample amounts of moisturizers and Vitamin E will make the best solution to dry skin. These ingredients help boost the production of the natural oils of the skin, thus relieving the skin of dryness.

  • Sensitive Skin

This is the skin type that easily gets irritated and at the slightest reaction could cause redness, itching, flakiness, and other skin discomforts. How to choose the right soap for this skin type involves looking for the gentlest ingredients out there. One of the safest and most efficient remedies for sensitive skin is using organic soaps. This way, the skin gets to avoid exposure to strong chemicals that cause the irritation.

How to choose the right soap for your body is pretty much the same exact process as choosing the soap for your face. This does not mean, however, that you use your body soap as your facial soap! Remember that the skin on your face is generally more sensitive than your body. Use the right facial soap, knowing ahead what your skin type is and what products best fit your needs.

Other considerations on how to choose the right soap for you include the scent, color, and other ingredients contained in the soap. What truly matters in this is finding the one that best suits your need and your taste.